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We thank the Lord God Almighty, even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for making a way for us, to obtain our own building on 38 Cambridge Road, Harrow HA2 7LD. We spent 13 years at Welldon Centre near the Main Shopping Centre (St Georges) in Harrow, with a lot of evolution in the assembly. We got that place through divine intervention and we will not forget the wonderful Gospel Meetings we had at Victoria Hall and Harrow High School. The timings of those services led to a productive change in the times our evening services are held.
We have spent a year in North Harrow and we are beginning to be visible in the community. After successful negotiations with the Council, our banners have gone up to notify the public who is occupying the building. Neigbours have popped in to see what is going on and have been blessed.

We have covered some ground with leafleting, but there is more to be done. We all have to put on our walking shoes and be prepared to cover some mileage this year. The harvest is ripe and plentiful and we want to be part of the labourers. God has assigned some precious souls to be raised in this ministry and if we don’t find them, they will be lost and their blood shall be on our shoulders. If we find them and they refuse to believe that God has prepared a feast of good things for them, and then they will have to answer to their creator and redeemer.
We thank God for Pastor Clarke’s labour at Wembley Central. Fruits are been harvested and we believe God for an abundance this year.

God attracted Moses’ attention, through the burning bush. Jesus went along the shores and called His disciples. We need to go out and call other disciples. The number of people that the Apostle John saw in the Book of Revelation were described as “numberless” (a lot of people). Though we talk about a remnant, there are a lot of people in the world and they need salvation.
It is worth noting that we have more than 40 assemblies in India with over 10000 (ten thousand) people and it all started from one family who dedicated (submitted) themselves unto the Lord. We are many household and the fire is already lit.

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